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Bibou.net is responsible for your seo


Having a website is important to communicate and reach a wider range of potential customers but be good reference is the key to success.
The most beautiful site in the world is useless if it is seen by anyone.
Bibou.net has the capacity to make you leaders in your field, to put you at the forefront of the markets you do not even suspect.
To do this we offer different technical :
- Choosing Keywords
- Net linking
- Monitoring and reporting on the development of the website to search engines
Let us give you the exposure you deserve !

Website Design

Bibou.net is responsible for your website design

Your web visibility is zero or close to zero.
You do not need it? Or you do not know who to contact?
Bibou.net designs and develops websites as requested by the client.
The services we offer are as follows:
- Webmastering / Writing
- Design / Graphics
- Domain Name / Hosting
Make evidence of daring creativity and above all make sure you reach a market that you do not even suspect.

Website Administration

Bibou.net is responsible for your website administrationYou have a website but it is abandoned.
Worse, you do not have a website and you do not think of it, especially when you imagine all the energy and working time to sacrifice.
Forget it, we administer and manage your websites optimally on your terms.
We give you the tips to fit your needs and those of your customers.
We're listening you and stay to your side so they are the face of your success and your performance.

More specifically, we deal with:


- Creating and updating content
- Writing articles optimized for SEO
- Crops of useful information for the client
- Creation, configuration and monitoring of e-mail addresses

Do not hesitate anymore !

Social Networks

Bibou.net is responsible for your social networks

We design and implement your Gaming and Community Management strategies on social networks.
We currently manage several Facebook pages of local businesses in sectors such as IT, catering, etc..
We are also qualified to other social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, etc.
We offer :
- Select social network (s) appropriate
- Create account (s)
- Analysis and actions to improve E-reputation
- Recommendations and editorial content creation
- Community Management
- Gaming

Seize the chance to surround yourself with real experts!

Web Marketing

Bibou.net is responsible for your web marketing


Finished astronomical budgets for a marketing campaign.
You want to reach your target?
Deliver your message and make sure they will have it?
Choose a Web marketing strategy.
Bibou.net offers different tools:
- Emailing / Newsletters (design, dissemination and proposal contacts)
- Commercial indexing
- Rich Media / Mash up / Widgets
Set your strategic objectives.
We determine your monitoring indicators, the choice and distribution of your communications budget and we take care of the presentation of balance sheets of tables.


Bibou.net is responsible for your e-advertising

For a profitable and customize e-advertising strategy, Bibou.net internet visibility expert brings you advice and solutions.

We propose to use the following means:
- Cookies
- Spamming
- Display campaigns

With our help you will improve significantly qualified traffic to your website.
Hoewever, it should be noted that e-advertising is a tool for e-marketing and is complementary to SEO.

Get your entry in Web 2.0!

Digital Communication

Bibou.net is responsible for digital communication


Be the artisans of your e-reputation!

Check your image!
Failure to communicate does not mean that you will not be at the heart of the news.
The best defense is still the attack.
Establish a privileged relationship with your customers, you build a reputation that will serve your business.
Bibou.net, internet visibility expert, offers its services.
Let us help you, benefit from our experience and all the tools we have available to do what you want.


Bibou.net takes care of your events



Need professionals to organize your events?
Look no further, Bibou.net takes care of everything.
You will be assured of services to meet your expectations:
- Organization
- Animation
You will benefit from our expertise and our address book.

Pace yourself and let us do it!

Digital PR

 Bibou.net is responsible for your Digital PRWith internet your target is constantly online.

They are active, seeking interaction, including sharing their point of view, revealing themselves.
To reach them, you must be there too.
People already talk about you on the internet, all is whether you want to join the conversation or not.
Through social networks today you can skip some traditional intermediaries (not all) and develop a more intimate relationship with your customers.
You ask to finally do it?

Bibou.net will put all appropriate means to reach your target.
- Social Media / Blogs
- Viral Marketing
- Online Networking

Opt for PR 2.0!